Arsenal 2 West Brom 2

By Sukumar, AFCSM President

Again another frustrating night, some Wenger included said that it was a great fight back
In the first place we should not have been in the position for a fight back if not for some hopeless and useless play

The first goal, was partly due to defence mistake, Ried had a free header as Ramsey lost him
But what was more frustrating was seeing it go straight through, an useless keeper who flapped weakly with 1 hand

For the second goal people might point at Squillaci not clearing first time but for me it's totally Almunia's fault.
Almunia's positioning was really hopeless, he shouldn't have come out, as Squillaci was covering it and and Koscienly was also coming in on the left.

Its one of the worst keeping mistakes I've ever seen, as Embi mentioned after the game we always knew Almunia was bad looks like he can get worse.

Almunia has to be one of the worst Arsenal keepers in our history. He shouldn't have been our 2nd or 3rd choice keeper, he should have been replaced last season or in January

The simple fact is we the fans have all known for years that he's simply nowhere near the standard of a Premiership goalkeeper. Why he is still in the squad, only Wenger Knows?

Again a great chance to close in and put pressure on the manure scum was lost we are now 5 points behind with a game in Hand.

And also disturbing is the fact that Chelsea is now only 4 points behind level on number of games played

The title is still within our hands, simply put if we win all nine games, we'll win the Premiership.

As I mentioned before with out little Russian on the field he might be anonymous for 60 mins but there is every chance he will put in some magic in 10 mins to win the game

Can we see the team going on a 9 game winning streak?

Can we beat Manure at the Emirates?

Can Wenger drill into the boys a winning mentality of Champions?

The answers to all these questions can only be from the players on the pitch

As Fans we can only hope and dream, its feels ages since we played " We are the Champions song at out Clubhouse in Bangsar "

I really, really hope that we can do it come May in ECKYWOOBEE

Also its been 4 home jerseys since I last put a Golden Lion on the sleeves to show the world that we are champions of EPL

Good news is that United currently have an additional 3 games more than us for rest of season, 3 big must win games against Chelsea 2 in CL and one in BPL

1 FA cup match, also as they have fergie in the stands he cannot be arguing every decision with the fourth official at the sidelines.

So in actual fact we look not too bad, its all up to the players, question is do they want it as bad as us the fans????????

Go Gunners

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