Arsenal 0 Blackburn 0

By Sukumar, AFCSM President
I love Arsenal. 

I will support the club until the day I die but at times like this I am pissed with the team  It was a poor overall and average performance by the team. Recently we seem to have a culture of complacency, and a squad with too many overpaid and average players.

I was also shocked by some of the player substitutions and positioning

Arshavin was taken off, I felt in the first half he was our best and most motivated player
Fabregas still looks unfit and also as a captain he is not able to Motivate the players

Can someone tell me why the hell are we playing a 4-3-3 against a team that came to defend?

Blackburn were always going to sit back with all 10 men behind the ball

Our 4-3-3 system with a lone RVP up top didn't give them much trouble.

Why not play a 4-4-2

Why cant we play with Chamakh or Bendtner partnered with Van Persie as forwards
Arshavin, Wilshere, Nasri and Walcott as midfielders and with the best four defenders available

Also what the hell was an unfit Song included in the squad for, we controlled the midfield Wilshere was able to break up and hold the ball

When Bendtner came on he was playing on the right wing and crossing to Van Persie, shouldn’t it be the other way around. Bendtner is better in the air, and has a stronger chance of scoring with a header

These were totally Wenger’s call so I guess he also screwed up on Saturday
Almunia again was his usual useless self, he missed a straight ball with a slight deflection,
In another incident he came rushing out to miss a catch missed completely and luckily the ball rolled out
He also dropped a catch but managed to recover

What’s more frustrating is that Manure were once more helped by some doubtful refereeing decisions
Vidic should have been clearly sent off, for the goal Manure were also given a free kick in a tackle where the ball was won fairly

The third goal was from a penalty decision by the ref after a clearly accidental handball by Upson, even the nearer placed linesman flagged for a corner. West Ham also had 2 other penalty handball claims but the ref waived them away. If you want to talk about refereeing, and gifting Manure wins, by all means go ahead, but that’s not the main problem.
The main reasons we are not on top of the league, is lack of quality depth in our squad and a naive tactical approach .The main problem is ourselves. We now find ourselves 7 points behind United with a game in hand.
And if you ask me, it suddenly looks too far now especially with the form the team has been showing after the Birmingham Carling Cup match.
The points we’ve dropped in recent weeks have been extremely damaging. 3 freaking draws Sunderland, West Brom and now Blackburn. That’s 6 points. We could have been 1 point behind with a game in hand.
The most disgusting point is that the 3 teams are bottom half of the table Plus the arrogant Chelsea players were saying 2 weeks ago despite being behind us that they can overhaul Manure

Meaning that even a team with a poor form this season like Chelsea has no respect for us

I love you arsenal let’s hope and pray for a miracle

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