Arsenal Asia Tour 2011

Finally !! we get to see out loved team in action on Malaysian soil
Itinerary as listed below

11th July Arrival to KL
12th July Training Session 7.00pm
13th July Match versus Malaysian Selection at Bkt Jalil Stadium 8.45pm Kick Off
14th July Departure to China
16th They are set to play against the Chinese selection in China

Organiser is also planning to have a Futsal tournament between Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool Fan club teams the fourth team will be FAM

Arsenal Chief Commercial Officer Tom Fox & Communications Director Mark Gonnella confirmed that the first team will be coming including Fabregas

Tickets are priced at RM 58,68, 108 & 388 available from 27th May – Ticket purchased before 5th June will be inclusive with Complimentary Training Session Pass

Word of advice to all Arsenal Fans on this forum and AFCSM members

AFCSM is NOT A SPONSOR OR ORGANISER OF THIS TOUR, as such we cannot offer the request below:

1. We cannot guarantee a meet the players or autograph signing session

2. We cannot guarantee all members access to the training session on 12th May

3. We cannot offer anyone complimentary access or free tickets

4. We cannot buy tickets from organiser then sell to fans


1. AFCSM is planning request all our members if possible to purchase RM108 tickets (Blue zone)

2. We would like to sit in one location reserved for AFCSM behind the Arsenal team Bench, with a banner & poster to tell the players who we are

3. We would also like to extend the invitation to that area to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines & Australia Fan clubs

Prices for tickets for the match range from RM58, RM68, RM108 and limited VIP tickets at RM388 and are available for purchase at selected Nike stores at KLCC, The Pavilion Mid Valley, One Utama and Sunway and Ticketpro outlets nationwide or call up Ticketpro’s hotline at 013-78807999 or book online through their website

There is a bonus for those who purchase their match ticket from May 27-June 5 as each ticket will come with a complimentary training pass.

TicketPro Outlets click here
Nike Outlets click here


Nadira R said...

confirm da ek 13 july?

business said...

yeah dh conpem..nadira, jum gi skali. :)

fadzli zainal said...

yup it's been confirmed and by today it has been in the media.

we will update you guys from time to time about our planning.

please get your tix as early to get a complimentary pass to see arsenal training session at bukit jalil national stadium 6pm on the 12th of July.

Sandie said...

Hi, I'm not in Malaysia right now. is the online sales of the ticket on will be on the same date as Nike stores (27th May)?

Or can we buy it sooner than that if we buy it through AFCSM for the RM108?


fadzli zainal said...

Sandie, you can buy the tickets directly from

AFCSM will NOT be involve in ticketing arrangements.

siddanth said...

can u send the links..they don't seem to be available on ur help would be really appreciated!!

Sandie said...

You said,
"We would like to sit in ONE LOCATION RESERVED for AFCSM behind the Arsenal team Bench, with a banner & poster to tell the players who we are"

So does this mean that AFCSM will only arrange ticket for member only or they have to buy it by themselves too?

Sorry for the questions

fadzli zainal said...

ticketpro will only start selling the tickets 27th May onwards

that's why we are suggesting members to buy the RM108 tickets in the spirit to gather all AFCSM members at one place...
please note that the 108 tix is seating is located behind the bench /grandstand and also at the other side lower tier (middle)....
so it's best for you to get the 108 tix near the granstand

fadzli zainal said...

siddanth, you also can buy the tix at selected nike outlets. i will try my best to share with you guys the locations once ticketpro have confirmed it.

siddanth said...

Thanks fadzli..can't wait to see our beloved team play..hope we have exciting new signings along with our pre-existing bunch of superstars!! :)

gunners said...

singaporean can join u guys?

azri said...

which zone should we buy?

zeff said...

why no info bout the hotel sponsor?
that info quite important also.. hehe

zeff said...

i guess there's no Nasri and Chamakh on the first team.. = (

Natalia said...

Just a question for Zeff. Why do you say that both Nasri and Chamakh cannot make it?

fadzli zainal said...

badaruddin : yes you can! after all we are arsenal supporters ! i also heard that arsenal singapore will organise a trip, kindly contact them for more info

azri : sukumar, president of arsenal malaysia is planing for us to get the 108 ticket (blue zone)

zeff : info from sukumar, whom attended the pc on this event that all the first team players will be here

siddanth said...

hey..just bought my tickets for the match..i just wanted to enquire that are you sure our training pass would come with our tickets?..i bought it on 27th will i also get the training pass?

nino said...

i need confirmation, for all ticket booked before 5 june will get training session pass right ?

Efa said...

tolong reply on behalf of admin... :) i believe the training passes r limited n given on 1st come 1st serve basis.try calling the selected nike outlets n check if the training passes r still available.when i bought mine last friday the salesperson in nike klcc said they r are almost sold out.

siddanth, when u purchase ur tickets, they will give u a separate pass for d training session (written on the pass) for 12th July.(together with proevents lanyard as well)

fadzli zainal said...

siddanth and nino : you will get the free passes with the ticket that you purchase. kindly ask first whether they still have the training passes before you buy the tickets.

efa: thank you for answering! its better that all of us can use this platform to share info.

nino said...


i'm planning to book it online (from indonesia)

how can we know we get the pass, if it's online booking?

Joelle said...

Will the tickets bought via the website includes the training Passes?I'm from
Pg n I wanna surprised my bf by getting him the tickets..thanx ^^

Efa said...

@ nino

can't really confirm with u rite now (coz i bought mine at nike klcc n received the training pass right away)..unless d admin knows?..i can try calling the ticketpro hotline for u 2moro n ask them? :)

anyhow, will update u with what news i can gather from the ticketpro hotline 2moro..unless someone who knows better decides to share with us here.. ;)

nino said...


thank's really apreciate it if you can help us.

i've already email them twice but so far still no reply.

Mr.Cinema said...

hi,is the itinerary posted on the blog confirmed?based on ur info, the training session will be on 12th July at 6pm,so is it confirm?

fadzli zainal said...

i also can't confirm as most of our members buy directly from the outlets... i tried to call the hotline but it was passed their office hours. anyway hope fully efa will get back with us with the info! once again thanks efa!

the itinerary should be trust 'able' as it is from suku aka mr president whom attended the pc

Efa said...


from what i understand through my conversation with the Ticketpro hotline guy, every ticket purchased online for now r still automatically inclusive of the complimentary training passes. once or if the passes r not available then it will be mentioned/informed in the website or before u purchase the tickets.

hopefully this helps..all the best in securing those tix n training passes~ c u there! :)

Efa said...

eh lupa lak..@fadzli zainal, no problem bro..glad to help in anyway i can.

nino said...


thank you. i've already booked the ticket since May 30th.

i'll come with 10 of arsenal supporter from indonesia (not with AIS - Arsenal Indonesia Supporter)

also any information which hotel arsenal team will stay ?

the Reviewer said...

Quote fadzli zainal

the itinerary should be trust 'able' as it is from suku aka mr president whom attended the pc"

Nah I don't I should trust this, as in, it's stated that they'll play Hangzhou GreenTown, not China XI. Anyway I'll be glad if I can get the information regarding their trainig session. Thanx a lot

Unknown said...

the training session is at 7 pm??

nino said...

anyone have information, which hotel arsenal team will stay ? and is there any fans greet session ? thx

akmalism said...

training start at???

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