ArsenalMY Emirates Trip 2012

We have get an approval from Arsenal UK to organize a trip to Emirates on 9-13 March 2012. Please find the itinerary as follows:

This event is only limited to 14 registered members and will be based on first come first serve basis. Registered members who interest, need to bank-in RM1000 as deposit to CIMB account #: 1421 0002 1012 04 (Shairul Sazliee) for ticket booking before 15 Jan 2012.

The total overall cost is RM5,000 per person which includes the following:
1. Return Air Asia flight ticket (LCCT @ London)
2. Return train ticket from Gadwick Airport - Victoria station
3. Return train ticket from Victoria Station - Liverpool Street Station
4. Return train ticket from Liverpool Street Station - Arsenal Station (2x)
5. Tune Hotel Liverpool Street (4 nights) - twin sharing
6. Emirates Stadium Tour
7. Match ticket Arsenal vs Newcastle

Note: Deposit is not refundable. Therefore, we only need genuine and confirm travelers.


Thanahenry said...

Are this offer valid for non registered members??

kyo_9 said...

I thought the price was cut down to RM3900. Could someone clarify this info for me??

Thanks in advance!

Arsenal Malaysia said...

Sorry guys, the price is RM5K since we will travelling via Etihad Airways and not Air Asia.

Arsenal Malaysia said...

Hi Thana,

Only for registered members. But you can become one as long as you bank-in RM60 and fill in your particulars at the following URL:

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